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Fire Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

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Within minutes of fires starting they become too big for a person to extinguish. The results can be tragic if you do not quickly size up the situation. Flames are not the only danger to you and your family. Fires can cause chemical reactions in a wide variety of today’s products such as: construction materials, finishes, glues, plastics, furniture, solvents and many other things that make up your life. The resulting toxic smoke and fumes can be extremely harmful to you and your belongings, for years to come.

The damage done by smoke varies and can sometimes be invisible. Fast attention not only helps remove the smell, it helps to reduce health hazards from smoke and soot. This makes fire restoration a complex job, requiring an experienced restoration team. If you need comprehensive fire damage assessment and/or recovery services, trust us to do a thorough, effective job.

A fire loss is devastating and complex because of the way smoke and its residues behave. Hot smoke travels upward, so that even if the fire was confined to a lower floor, there will be smoke effects upstairs. Smoke moves through the holes made for plumbing, electrical and other conduits, affecting level after level of your home or business.
The restoration process is extensive, and varies depending on the type of smoke involved.  Our trained technicians understand these qualities intimately, thus enabling us to effectively handle damage from smoke, soot and other fire by-products.
Fire damage restoration consists of determining what kind(s) of smoke there was. This enables us to choose the most effective cleaning method. We then eliminate smoke odor and soot and we will also detect, remove and or neutralize toxic chemicals and noxious gases that may still be present. We clean up the entire indoor environment, including everything that will remain, such as valuable electronic equipment, furniture, books, documents, artwork, machinery and more, removing the odor and any other evidence of fire; often leaving items in better condition than before the fire. But it doesn’t stop there we can also repair structural damage caused by fires.

What cannot be efficiently or cost-effectively restored should be replaced. Trust our experience in helping to make those decisions, and know that if anyone can minimize the need for disposal, we can.

As part of our process, we will assist in determining the condition of the property before the damage occurred, so you will be better able to recover to the full extent of your loss.



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